Matthew Pastkewicz

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Live from Cardiff

Here is recording of my set live from Genre X Genre 2, Cardiff.... the whole night is available on the Red Venice Records bandcamp, and all the other artists set's sound incredible. Due to a crash on the M4 I was pretty strapped for time, which was unfortunate, but I had a great night. Thanks to; 'To The Lovers, Farewell', Ascend Silver Poison, A (Is to B) and Mu.

'Matthew was late due to a car crash in Reading, not caused by him I might add, so we were strapped for time when he finally arrived. This was disasterous to the audience because we were robbed of a full set. The ten minutes he played for were amazing, horns were played recorded, looped and then mashed live in a caldron of sound which may have been helped and driven by the use of max/msp. Seemed that way from a distance. Matthew's strobe light added to the effect as he seemed to be lost in the light as he sat on the floor and carried out his performance. I may be stealing that idea in the near future. Epileptics need not apply'. 

Red Venice Records. 

Next up; BIG BEATS FROM BADSVILLE in Cardiff..... information below. 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sleepwaker; Kostoglotov Remix

This Autumn I'm excited to be playing several shows with the talented Kostoglotov, announcement to follow.

Untill then, enjoy his excellent remix of Sleepwalker from Cutting Room Records compilation 'CRRMXIII'.

Matthew Pastkewicz live; 

31st August - Glasgow - 13th Note - 7:30 - £3

6th September - Cardiff - The Moon Club - 7:30 - £TBC